RMG and textiles continue to be the core business fo Newtex.

Impress-­‐Newtex Composite Textiles Ltd. (INCTL) is the biggest company in the porSolio.It is a fully composite textiles and RMG unit located in Mirzapur,Tangail.

The annual turnover for the company in 2013-­‐2014 was US $58.00 milllion dollars and current number of employees total to 4500.


Newtex Dyeing and Prin<ng Ltd. (NDPL) is the woven textiles mill that is currently producing 300,000 yards of fabric per month and an annual turnover of US $ 15.00 million dollars.

Permess South East Asia Ltd. is a joint venture project with the dutch company Permess and partly funded by the Netherlands government. The unit produces interlining and is supplying to top brands such and Marks &amp; Spencer,NEXT, GAP, ZARA,TOMMY HILFIGER,etc.


Karnaphuli  Knit Industries Ltd. (KKIL) is the circular knit project that specializes in the production of various knit fabrics such as jerseys, ribs, coYon/elastane, interlock and numerous design fabrics. The annual produc<on for KKIL in 2013-­‐2014 was 2000 tons of fabrics.


Newtex Pacific Ltd.(NPL) is the garment sourcing company who is working directly with top tier brands from USA, CANADA, EUROPE and AUSTRALIA.


As of 2014 the total export volume for NPL was US$ 6 million dollars and a total of 5 factories are working as suppliers for NPL.